Corporate Cleaning Service in Dhaka

Corporate Cleaning Service In Dhaka

Our corporate cleaning service is a service that provides cleaning services to offices and businesses. We are responsible for keeping the workplace clean and hygienic so that employees can work efficiently. Let’s See About our corporate client Service –

Scope of Daily Services

Common Areas:

💥 Wipe down common tables and chairs

💥 Dust desks, monitors, and chair backs

💥 Vacuum carpeted floor areas

💥 Sweep, mop non-carpeted floor areas

💥 Cleaning of Reception Area and Entrance Area

Cabin Areas:

💥 Table, desk and chair cleaning
💥 Cleaning of glass panels and windows
💥 Vacuuming of carpeted areas

Conference Rooms:

💥 Table, desk and chair cleaning
💥 Cleaning of glass panels
💥 Vacuuming of carpeted areas

Bathroom Area:

💥 Clean, counters, toilets and urinals
💥 Mop floors of toilets, sinks and urinals
💥 Restock toilet paper, paper towels, soap and other supplies (expenses to be borne by the office)

Pantry Services
💥 Overall cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen/pantry area
💥 Periodic wiping down of the kitchen counter surfaces and appliances
💥 Washing the sink
💥 Sweep and wet mop the kitchen floor
💥 Tea – Coffee – Water preparation service (expenses to be borne by office)
💥 Heat and hand over food to Directors or employees
💥 Collect, wash and dry dirty dishes (liquid soap and scrubber to be purchased as office expense)
💥 Collect and dispose of trash from desks and common areas
💥 Empty trash and recycling bins (garbage bags to be purchased by the office)

Why We are Best?
💥 We will have a supervisor assigned for any queries or requirements at all times. They will make weekly
💥 inspections to ensure a high-standard and professional service is maintained for the premises.
💥 Our team has also been double vaccinated.
💥 Hallmark Services is both PF and ESIC compliant for our workers as well.
💥 All expenses pertaining to all cleaning equipment, consumable items, ladders, vacuum cleaners, and chemicals etc. to be used in-office will be borne by the client.
💥 The list of consumable items for your office space that our team will require for the same is shared for the client’s reference. Most of these are a one-time expense and we guide our clients with the purchasing process for the same.

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